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Taz Bell #1: Dead Heat

Dead Heat Cover

Jane “Taz” Bell and her partner George Raymond Lees were police detectives in New York City until they walked into an ambush set up by rogue shapeshifters. The attack killed George, but Taz wasn’t as lucky. When she woke up in the hospital her wounds were almost completely healed, telling her without doubt that she’d been infected and was now a shapeshifter herself.

Taz’s career on the force was over, but before she could end the rest of her life George reappeared — as a free-roaming ghost. After a tearful and frustrating reunion — Taz found it impossible to hug a ghost — Taz and George decided to be partners again.

They became rogue hunters, and along with their third partner, Ryan Freemont, a very strong psychic, they began to do really well at their new trade.

And that was when the Federal Rogue Task Force got in touch with them. The task force leaders want Taz and her partners to join them, but Taz has her own reasons for refusing. A main reason is that one of the task force leaders is a vampire, and Taz has had a number of bad experiences with rogue vampires.

Other happenings convince George and Freemont to agree with her, but the team can’t seem to leave the task force people behind. There’s a reason the task force sticks so close, Taz knows there’s a reason, but the leaders of the task force aren’t talking, just insisting on having new recruits.

But there isn’t a lot of free time to think about what the task force is up to. Rogues are as plentiful as ever, and that includes certain vampires who aren’t the solid citizens they’re supposed to be. Taz and her team end up neck deep in the trouble they get paid to handle, and even some trouble that’s not actually theirs…

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