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Sharon Green's Jalav Books Series

The Crystals of Mida Cover

Jalav #1: The Crystals of Mida

The once-high technological civilization of that world had again fallen to primitive barbarism- walled cities, warring nomadic tribes, and savage chieftains.

But none were so fierce as the mythic Midanna Amazons, and none of the Midanna so untamed as Jalav, war leader of the fearsome Hosta clan.

And when thieves ransacked the Tower of the Crystal of Mida, slew the warrior guards and stole the holy Crystal, nothing could cool Jalav's fury. Though she led the Hosta to the dreaded slavery-darkened cities and beyond, she cared not, for nothing could halt her in her need to find the thieves, avenge her slain warriors, and bring the Crystal of Mida back to the home-tents of the Midanna.

An Oath To Mida Cover

Jalav #2: An Oath To Mida

Their world was threatened – torn asunder from within by the primitive warring of bloodthirsty nomadic tribes, now threatened from without by mysterious strangers, But Jalav Amazon war leader of the savage Hosta clan, lay dying on a cold battlefield and cared for naught but her spirit's safe flight to the bosom of Mida, patron goddess of the Midanna Amazons.

But peace was not to be the lot of Jalav.

Abducted in her weakness by a tribe of northern barbarian riders, her destination lay in the frozen arctic wastes, far from her beloved sister warriors and the protective embrace of Mida the Golden. For she was the one spoken of in the prophecy of the Snows – the savior who must travel to the glacial hell of Sigurr's Peak and beyond, and without whom any mission to save their embattled world would surely fail!

Chosen of Mida Cover

Jalav #3: Chosen of Mida

Jalav's ability to project her mind empathically enabled her to control wild animals, but when it came to the human beast she was in trouble. Because being herself a desirable object for male lust counterbalanced her skills as an interplanetary agent - and created an interplanetary crisis.

Tammad, the barbarian chief who had banded Terry as his, was furious at her efforts to control his mind. Terry, torn between conflicting loyalties, sought to break her bonds by escaping. But her flight across a savage world led her instead to a final crisis when, rearmed, she would fight it out with everything and everyone that opposed her.

The Will of the Gods Cover

Jalav #4: The Will of the Gods

To alert her world to the coming of the strangers from space, the gods had given Jalav the mission to bring truce between the men of the cities and the women of the Plains. Now she must venture among the latter – herself a war chief of the Midanna – going among her tribal enemies, the amazons of the feuding clans. But go she must –and behind her came the macho warriors of Sigurr whom she thought she had tamed, but whose real intentions were an unsuspected secret!

To Battle the Gods Cover

Jalav #5: To Battle the Gods


The gods have spoken, and Jalav, warrior woman, has heeded their command, joining together her Midanna warriors with the male fighters of the dark lord Sigurr to stand against the prophesied "strangers from the stars." Yet even as she marshals her forces, Jalav wonders how long the uneasy truce between male and female warriors will hold if the prophecy of coming battle proves false?

What if the strangers from the stars are not truly Jalav's enemies? What if her greatest challenge comes not from some distant stellar realm but from the gods themselves?


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