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Mind Warriors #4: Tactics

Terry may have had a warrior hidden inside her, but Jilin's warrior is right out in plain sight where everyone can see it. The fact that Jilin is the absolute worst possible woman to be sent to Rimilia doesn't stop anyone from sending her there, and those in charge aren't wise enough to get her off the world again as quickly as possible. They don't know what will happen when oil and water try to mix in the presence of fire, but they certainly do find out.

It takes some effort for Jilin to come to terms with the world of Rimilia, and she doesn't quite manage the feat for some time. In the interim she and the other empaths have to gather up their own people, help break the news of their freedom to the other worlds, then work to get everyone to accept the situation. Much of the time isn't pleasant for anyone involved, but things do eventually work out the way they're supposed to. How they work out is what the story is about.

There aren't more than a couple of days between the seven books, so the story is ongoing until the last of it.

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