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Gateway to Xanadu Cover

Diana Santee # 2: Gateway to Xanadu

NOTE: This book has been restored to its original state by the author. All badly done cutting has been corrected, with the changes made clearly visible.

Special Agent Diana Santee had beat the odds, returning alive and well from what the slaver, Radman, had meant to be a one-way trip to the fringes of space. With her new partner, the alien Val, Diana was only too eager to pick up Radman's trail again - this time to complete her mission as the slaver's judge, jury, and executioner.

But when Diana and Val tracked their enemy to the pleasure world of Xanadu, they found themselves trapped in a land where excess and ecstasy were the only rules. And finding a slaver in a realm of slaves and lords became a deadly game where a single misstep could turn Diana from hunter to hunted, from top-level agent to unwilling slave...

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